Cake Alternatives

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?Q. My fiancé and I would like to look into serving a dessert rather than wedding cake. What are some alternatives other than the ubiquitous chocolate fountain?

A. Your request must be a popular one, because more and more bakeries are offering a multitude of desserts besides the standard tiered cakes. One option is customized signature cookies by Milwaukee-based baker Patricia O’Brien. Couples can choose 12 different shapes that mean something to them—the state of Texas for a Dallas-born bride, for example, a dog for a couple passionate about their pooch or the Brewers mitt for a baseball-loving groom.
    O’Brien can create a legend that explains why each shape was chosen, which can be displayed with the cookies. “It’s a good way for guests to learn more about the bride, groom and their interests as a couple,” says O’Brien. “I’ve also had brides display them on two-tiered plates as centerpieces. They can also make good welcome gifts for out-of-town guests.” Monogrammed cookies are also popular for weddings.
    O’Brien’s creations run about $35 a dozen, but if you order more than 50 dozen you get a bulk discount. She can tint the frosting to match any color, from your bridesmaids’ dresses to the orchids in your bouquet.