10 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

Fitness expert Jen Raymond shares tips for fitting in your pre-wedding workout.

“I have no time.” It’s the most common complaint about not being able to stick to a workout plan or just to get started reaching your fitness goals.  I’m going to give you 10 ways to jump-start your plan and make sure that you ALWAYS have time! 

1.  Schedule it in your calendar. Just like interviewing caterers, meeting friends for drinks or a work meeting – get it on the calendar and treat it like an appointment. An appointment with yourself to get healthy!

2.  15 minutes! It doesn’t need to be long. If you are focused and working out with intensity you can get it done in 15. Just set your timer and work as hard as you can.

3.  Get up 15-20 minutes earlier. Just a little extra time in the am can give you that edge in the afternoon.

4.  Review your day. Before you head to bed at night, review the next day and make sure you have prepared what you can the night before. 5 minutes now makes for a much smoother day tomorrow.

5.  You can workout anywhere! Your workout doesn’t have to include the gym all the time. At a park with the kids – use the play equipment and workout while they play. At home? Throw in a DVD or use your furniture for a great full body workout.

6.  Multitask! Walk to the store, ride your bike to the library, go for a walk during your lunch hour.

7.  Can’t turn off Scandal? Create a mini circuit to do while watching. 10 reverse lunges, 10 pushups, 10 squats, 45 second plank. Rest during the commercial breaks.

8. Actively socialize! Meet a friend for a walk around the lake instead of sitting at the bar, invite a friend to a yoga class and coffee date, or bike to brunch and back.

9.  Get it done first thing. Chances are your day gets more demanding as it goes on, so if you fit it in right when you wake up there are no excuses. Lay your clothes out the night before. No hitting snooze!

10.   Challenge yourself.  I love when clients have a Fitbit. It’s great for them to see how much they actually move in a day and where they need to be.  We tend to overestimate how much we actually move in a day.  People are shocked at how few steps they actually take – especially those with a desk job!

Check out this short video I made for client when she came to me and said…"I just don’t have time to workout."

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