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What is the capacity of your reception location?


What are your dinner prices for a sit-down and buffet?

Our sit-down dinners range from $23.25 to $35.95 per plate and our buffets start at $27.25 per plate.

What is the rental cost?

The Country Springs Hotel does not charge a rental fee for banquet space; we have established minimum requirements in food and beverage revenues. The minimum varies per banquet room.

Am I required to use your food, beverages, and serving attendants?

Yes. The only exception is wedding cake.

What is your cake cutting fee?

No fee is applied. We will cut, plate and serve your cake as dessert, on china at no additional charge.

What is your closing time?

The banquet halls close at midnight.

Is there adequate parking available?

Yes, ample free parking exists!

Do you have a PA system?

Yes, a standing microphone is included for speeches and announcements.

Do you have overnight accommodations?

Yes, we would be happy to set aside a block of rooms for your wedding at a reduced rate.

Do you have space for doing a ceremony?

Yes, we have both outdoor and indoor locations.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

The Country Springs Hotel offers quality menu options and excellent service. Our goal is to help make planning your special day a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our straightforward a la carte pricing is designed to allow you to create an event that reflects your personal taste with no surprises or hidden fees.