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What is your specialty? features a wide variety of tablecloths, overlays, chair covers, table runners, table skirts, chair sashes in dozens of colors, patterns, styles, and price ranges for rent or purchase. A massive selection of charger plates and event decor such as silk flowers, candle holders, paper lanterns, wedding signs, and so much more are available for purchase.

What types of items do you have available for rent?

Tablecloths, overlays, table runners, chair covers, and table skirts


Will you have representatives available in case there is a problem?

Absolutely! We have a customer service staff available via live chat or email, and if you prefer, we can give you a call.


Do you deliver and take care of setup?

We ship your linens directly to you, however, we do not set up.


Do you offer ceiling draping?

No ceiling draping at this time, but plan to add it next year.



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