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What is your style of photography?

Clean, Classic, Timeless. I love to catch moments in a photo journalistic style throughout your wedding day and of course mix in some great poses too.

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

RELAX! This is THE day. Everyone wants to help, so let them. I know I want to be in control for all aspects of my life. This day focus on your love for your partner and everything will fall into place. I call weddings a beautiful family reunion mixed with friends and happiness. Make it yours! I love how couples introduce aspects of their personalities into the wedding day. I have never seen the same wedding twice.

What is your price range of services?

$2100 to $4300

What does this include?

Your files, two photographers, on line gallery, slide show of highlights of your wedding day, 25 4 x 6 prints of my favorites, an engagement session with files.

Do you have packages? If so, what do they include?

Yes, I have 4 packages. The Whisper at $2100 for 6 hours of coverage and the above. The Kiss at $2700 for 8 hours and the above. The Experience for 8 hours, the above and a 10 x 10 wedding album. The Ever After $4300 for 9 hours, the above, a 16 x 20 Canvas and a 12 x 12 wedding album.

Do you shoot with an assistant?

Yes, all of my package include a second photographer that is a professional photographer that he/she owns her/his wedding photography business.

Will you be the one shooting the wedding or do you hire out other photographers as well?

I will be at all of my weddings.

Do you shoot film and/or digital?

Digital and armed with two cameras!

After the wedding, how long until the proofs are ready?

Approximately 2 -4 weeks.

What are your custom print prices?

My print prices range from $8 to $35 depending on the size of print. Are any prints included with the packages? Yes all of my packages include the 25 4 x 6 prints from your wedding day.

Special services offered (optional or included):

I also offer a no package, myself as the photographer and all of your files for $250/hr. AND of course willing to travel.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

I often find myself loving on my clients. I am so darn happy for them and want all the best! We will chat on facebook, email, and sometimes when there are kiddos later I see them again for family photos. I love how the world works and we are connected.