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What type of entertainment options do you offer?

Sound & Lighting, full DJ & EMCEE services, and Photo booth services. We definitely fit that client looking for a top notch entertainment service, that is trying to stay away from the norm or traditional DJ services. We thrive with clients looking for a broader musical range that enjoys the fun classics, but keeps us reaching for the B sides.

How many various people do you send out on location?

Our DJ's always work in pairs. This helps ensure that some one is always at the helm, while the other is helping manage other aspects of your event. Once paired with your DJ, they are available to connect at any point to go over details of the event.

What type of attire is worn?

We dress appropriately for a wedding and make sure all of our DJs look the part and are professional.

What are your costs for the services provided?

Our service range depending on the date and time of year and can range from $1000-1800.

Is there a list of songs to choose from?

We provide an online profile to help you create and submit your own song selections, from there we are able to curate a song list based on a client’s style and custom choices, paired with our expertise of progression and placement to create a flow and cohesive soundtrack to the event.

Is there a way to see what different styles of interaction you offer?

Although, most of the events we do our private events, keep your eye on our Facebook page where we update all of our events that are open to the masses.

Do your fees include background music during dinner?

We are on site prior to your guest arrival. So with our 7 hour package we can help create the soundtrack to the night beginning with your cocktail hour and roll right into the dinner hour and dancing. Have a cocktail hour in a different room or outside? No problem, we make sure your reception space is covered.

Will the performer act as “Master of Ceremonies”?

Of course. As the music progresses, it's only natural that we too help usher the day & night along by making sure the right people are in place and the right announcements are made to keep your guests in the know. All of the details for your event is planned out prior to your event in a final meeting with the DJ/emcee so you can step back and enjoy the party, we got it covered.

Do you have a cordless microphone available for use during speeches?

We do provide a wireless microphone for any and all speeches. Need additional mic's, just ask.

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

We like to keep things fresh. There are too many events out there that fall short and have an outdated approach. Helping each client with the planing and execution of the event so they can relax and know we have their best interests in mind when taking on the music. After all they are there to party! We create a seamless progression of tunes for the event and help keep things moving and organized. Customer service and reading a crowd are key, so making sure the client is comfortable with the process and can rely on you through out the planning and night of truly ensures a great relationship of fun and trust.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Feel free to connect with us and set up an informational meeting to answer all of your questions. We can talk in more detail on our services and how we can help you create a memorable and fun event. Stop by our website or check out us on Facebook!