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Well-Groomed: Facial Hair Maintenance for the Stylish Groom

Movember, also known as “No Shave November”, is a popular month-long nationwide movement dedicated to making a statement about men’s health awareness. Some prefer to participate by growing the reminiscent moustache, a few choose a well-trimmed goatee and others opt to flaunt a full beard. With facial hair becoming widely accceptable for everyday wear, we've noticed more and more grooms maintaining their scruff for their special day. We took the liberty of seeking out a few of these gents, who were even willing to share a few "grooming" tips for keeping their styles camera-ready.

Cori and Kevin

Fornear Photography

Well before his wedding day with bride Cori, Kevin (pictured above) had been experimenting with his facial hair, so when the big day rolled around, there was no doubt he would don his full beard. While he shortened it a bit for the occasion in order to reveal his tricolored bow tie, he maintained its renowned softness with frequent brushing in the weeks leading up to the event. 

Organix Coconut Product

To preserve that soft texture use Organix “Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum”, which helps to keep any beard smooth and healthy with egg white protein and natural organic milk compounds. The light coconut scent and affordable price tag are definite bonuses.  ($5.84 at the Online Drug Store)

Sam and Holly

Oh! Photography

Sam (pictured above), who originally began maintaining a five o'clock shadow to look more refined, now keeps a well-trimmed beard year round. Before saying "I do" to wife Holly, Sam made sure to have his beard trimmed to perfection, keeping it clean and short for their golf club reception.

Braun Beard Trimmer

To create this well trimmed look, use the Braun “CruZer” electric beard trimmer. It comes with various sized attachments measured in millimeters to easily achieve a customized length. This trimmer is simple to use and easy to clean. ( $34.99 at Target)


Samantha Lauren Photographie via Flickr

Lukes Moustache

Photo by Hannah Letinich

Last but not least, the classic moustache. The original choice for Movember and certainly a bold move. Done well, the moustache can make a seriously dapper statement. Natural, Handlebar, English, Imperial...the possibilities are virtually endless. To keep yours as tidy as the one above, try Badger Mustache Wax for a medium hold and a shine finish ( $8.49 at Amazon)

Badger Mustache Wax

Give your guests a chance to rock a moustache as distinguished as the groom's. Supplying faux moustaches at your reception makes for silly photos and great memories, especially for the kids. Consider this photo booth prop bundle ( $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Party Favors


The facial hair faux pas of years past is slowly slipping away as more men take to the altar with their well-groomed styles.  The key to looking stylish and not sloppy? Maintenance.

Here are a few more examples of some trim and tidy looks we've spotted:


Meredith McKee Photography

Alante Photography


Meredith McKee Photography


Lora Grady Photography

Seattle wedding photo by Gabriel Van Wyhe

Gabriel Van Wyhe Photography

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