Camp Wedding: Special Instagram Faves Edition, 9.16.16

We have a special feature for you this week that’s sure to make you a very happy camper. In place of our much anticipated Instagram favorites, we’re instead sending you to camp--Camp Wedding, that is! Held earlier this week, the amazing three-day retreat was designed and produced by Cherry Blossom Events and held at the famous Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn for the second year in a row. Creative professionals and entrepreneurs who attended last year were excited to reunite with camp buddies they met the year before, and those new to camp came ready to learn, grow their small businesses, and get inspired. And if you couldn’t tell by the name, many of the guests were wedding industry vendors taking a much-needed break from the busy summer season to relax, recharge, and talk shop around the campfire.

In addition to vendor guests, Cherry Blossom Events received some helping hands from local event vendors (a list is available at, who provided delicious cuisines, tasty cocktails, guilty-pleasure snacks and desserts, eye-catching tablescapes and so much more--all handy references for campers’ future clients. Adding to the many takeaways was the knowledge, and tips and tricks shared by scheduled speakers who talked on a range of topics related to businesses, weddings, and general creativity.

When campers weren’t having their minds blown by the incredible experience arranged by Cherry Blossom Events, they were taking in the natural beauty infused with hip decor that makes Camp Wandawega the sought-after location it is. During downtime and breakout sessions, campers could be found canoeing in Lake Wandawega, reading in a hammock, exploring the land by foot or tandem bike, lusting over the book-filled tree house or catching some R&R back at their bunks.

Campers left the event not only with swag, goodies, new friends and re-energized spirits, but also happy memories sure to last a lifetime. And with so many creative professionals toting cameras in hand, they’re happy to share those memories with you--in envy-invoking Instagram pictures, of course! If you missed out on this very special event, take it all in with photos from the three days, courtesy of the guests and vendors in attendance. Let's just say there was no way we could limit it to our top five favorites. Here are nine instead.

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