Top 5 Instagram Faves of the Week, 05.26.17

Light summer details were all over Instagram this week, and we couldn't be happier!

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Can we talk about these wedding flats for a minute?! I adore a good pair of pumps but being a 5 foot 10 inch Amazon woman, it's hard for me to rock a cute pair of heals without feeling like Sasquatch When Ben & I got married almost 4 years ago, there were ZERO options for cute wedding flats. I scoured the corners of the internet for days (not an exaggeration) and couldn't find anything formal enough to wear with my gown. FINALLY I found a pair of white lace flats with intricate beadwork & gemstones laid into the fabric. The shoes came from Europe but my heart leapt with joy as I whipped my credit card out! Estimated delivery time? 6 weeks but no big deal because our wedding was in 7 weeks. I'll never forget when the package arrived... I pulled back the tissue paper & reached in to find the shoes I had ordered! Except instead of tiny gemstones as the picture showed, the lace flats had dozens of silver spikes sewn in. That's right - SPIKES. Like the type of spikes you see on a dog collar. Moral of the story - I would have KILLED for wedding day flats like these beauties that Kenzie wore on her wedding day. Thank goodness for beautiful flats coming into style & the stunning options my brides have! Ps - I rocked the spikes anyways.

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