A Simply Classic Affair in Eau Claire

Combine classic simple elegance with a touch of trendy style, and you have the perfect description of Valerie and Josh's wedding day. The couple was married in the same chuch where the bride's parents long ago said their own "I dos."  The tradition of romance carries on with a new generation, and the couple's love seems to sparkle in the beautiful photos taken by MaisonMeredith Photography. It's hard not to look through the images and feel pure joy by what seemed to be a perfect day. Congrats to the happy newlyweds!

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From the bride:

The more time that passes, the more I love my wedding and the memory of the most special day of my life.

Planning a wedding for nine months (and five days to be exact) was the perfect amount of time for me and my husband. Any shorter and it would have been difficult for us to get everything done (and how we wanted it done). Any longer and we wouldn't have been able to wait for the much anticipated day! As an enthusiastic and detail-oriented bride-to-be, I was eager to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The planning process really brought my husband and I, and our families, closer together as we spent a lot of time discussing the day and hashing out every little detail. My idea of a perfect wedding was simple, classic, and "less is more." 

We got married in the same church that my parents got married in exactly 32 years and 2 days earlier. Both my husband and I were raised in Catholic families, so it was important for us and for them that we were married in a Catholic church, and it was even more important for me that the church have a sentimental meaning to us. I loved that Joshua and I stood in the exact same spot that my parents stood in, each taking our vows to spend the rest of our lives with our better halves. We had our reception at a country club that had plenty of spacious green areas with flowers and trees for taking our photos. And the room that we had our dinner and dance in had large windows and doors to a patio that overlooked the beautiful golf course. Having natural light come into the room and the opportunity for people to be able to spend some time outdoors throughout the evening were very important to us, so this place was perfect for our ideal wedding. We also wanted to have a time during the day where our wedding party and their significant others all had some time to just hang out and have fun. In between the ceremony and the reception, we took a limo ride to a local park and got out and took some fun casual photos, but the limo ride was really the highlight, as it gave us time to pop a few bottles of champagne, sing along to the radio and just have a good time before we were greeted with almost 200 guests at the reception. 

After all is said and done, I can't say that I'd change a thing. And a few of my favorite moments were the unexpected, including the emotion that came over me while dancing with my father, how much I truly loved our actual wedding ceremony, and the words that Joshua whispered into my ears as I took his arm before walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Mason. 

From the photographer:

Josh and Valerie are a match made in heaven: fun-loving, kind, driven, and passionate about life, their friends and family, and of course, each other : ) Their day was simple and elegant—one that will surely withstand the test of time with its classiness. The two were married at the same church Valerie's parents were married at 32 years ago with a reception to follow at the beautiful Eau Claire Golf and Country Club. A simply elegant affair with the focus being their two lives finally becoming one. Valerie was absolutely stunning with her floral lace dress and perfectly crafted top bun. I would have expected nothing less from this trendy bride. The reception was filled with incredible stories about the two of them, and all the guests were both laughing and crying at some point during the evening. The chocolate torte was to die for and glasses clinked long after the sun set. A romantic and intimate end-of-summer affair!

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