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Stoles That Will Steal Your Winter Heart

When getting married in colder climates, planning your look doesn’t end with the gown, shoes, and veil. Unless your ceremony and reception are in the same location and you have no intention of stepping foot outdoors--or if you do, you’re perfectly OK with being covered in goosebumps--you’re going to need some pretty outerwear. Keyword: pretty. Sure you could wear that North Face puffy coat that keeps you warm during day-to-day activities. However, your wedding day calls for something fancier. Enter the stole.

Cold-weather brides have found a way to both stay warm and add a touch of sass to their wedding day attire. Not only does it provide cold-weather protection, but also creates another look to add to your photo choices. Stoles also are great if you’re looking to work more vintage elegance into your wedding, as wraps were all the rage back in the 1920s-50s. Check with a grandparent, and you might just have your something borrowed checked off as well!

Not sure if a stole or a wrap is right for you? Get inspired by these brides who took their look to a warmer, more winter wonderful level!

Aliza Rae

Aliza Rae Photography

Clewell Photography

Clewell Photography

James Stokes Photography

James Stokes Photography

Shaunae Teske Photography

Shaunae Teske Photography

BP Photo

Beau Petersen Photography

Nikki-N Photography

Nikki N Photography

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