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Vegan Wedding Cakes: All You Need to Know + a Yummy Orange Cake Recipe

Cakes are an important and artistic aspect of a wedding and there are a zillion options for what size, color, shape, and flavor to go for. Today, couples can also choose between gluten free, organic and vegan cake ingredients. Don’t be turned off by a milk-and-egg-free cake; high end bakeries all over the country can create a moist, delicious, elaborately decorated cake that's both beautiful and guilt-free.

This luxurious vegan trend is becoming more popular by the season. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi presented a vegan red velvet cake by Sweet Lady Jane for their lavish wedding, as did Paul McCartney
and Nancy Shevell with a vegan apple cocoa cake by Posh Puds Patisserie.

Ellen and Portia

Photo by Lara Porzack/People magazine

Vegan cakes contain more fresh fruit, natural flavors and fewer preservatives than a standard cake, without loosing the moist texture everyone wants in a slice of heaven. Forget the fondant, vegan pastry chefs have nailed down cake décor by using fresh flowers, raw fruit and enticing organic toppers to add to the sumptuous feel of their vegan ingredients.

“There is a lot of thought put in, not only to the outside image, but the depth and flavor of the cake itself. It's for a very special day and we want to ensure that is reflected in all aspects of our product,” says Makini Howell, a nationally known vegan restaurateur, chef and co-owner of Sugar Plum Bakery.

The attention to detail and ingenuity in building a wedding cake is already astounding, but these vegan chefs go beyond expectations to create complex flavors and stunning designs for less impact on the planet and your health. More and more bakeries are offering vegan cake options in order to adapt to our expanding sustainable culture. These pastry chefs are creating cruelty-free cakes that visually impress and leave your guests wanting more. To find one near you try's Vegan Bakery Directory.

Fruity Cake

 Violet Sweet Shoppe


Sticky Fingers Bakery               Petal-a-Pot Bakery

If you're feeling inspired, try your hand at a vegan cake with this simple recipe:

Vegan Orange Cake

Recipe adapted from

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