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Celebrating in Safety: Tips When Planning Your 2021 Wedding

Sadly, COVID hasn't magically disappeared yet. As we prepare to host gatherings, these are the covid modifications every couple (and company) should consider implementing.
Julianna Gaytan

While living through these crazy times, there are still moments of joy that should be celebrated - and your wedding day should be one of them! With the pandemic still in everyone's mind, it can be easy to feel scared or worried about how your big day might be affected. Fear not, as experts from the wedding industry have shared their tips on how to make the proper modifications to celebrate in style and still follow proper guidelines and safety protocols. Read below to check out some great advice you can implement into your gathering.

Wrap It Up!
As we all know matching our excitement for normalcy along with safety in 2021 will be key! Bringing creativity and humor to the safety of guests is going to be an ongoing trend as we welcome the new season. Event planner and owner of Midwestern Bride, Ashley Kuehnel, states "Family-style dining should not be on the docket as much as we all loved it. Self-serve candy buffets or dessert tables left unattended isn't going to be your best option. Instead, why not opt to have a staff member pass out individually wrapped cupcakes or candy bags as a late-night treat? Put together a snack caddy of late-night food and a custom cookie." This cute favor is sure to leave a delicious impression on your guests!

So Fresh and So Clean
One of the first major decisions you'll have to make when planning your wedding is selecting the right venue. With the pandemic still in everyone's minds, finding a location that prioritizes health and safety is a huge factor. As Breanne Chase of the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center says, “When reserving space for your special event, be sure to ask the venue about their safety and cleaning protocols. Your venue should have clear, written policies in place. GBAC Star accreditation is something to look for and is the gold standard for cleaning. With this certification, you can rest assured that your venue is committed to safety for both you and your guests.” 

Comfortably Distant
Finding the perfect rentals for your big day can also be a great way to instill some safety features into your ceremony and reception. Relics Rentals owner and founder Jan Oelke find that "Sofas, settees, and lounge chairs not only make for gorgeous ceremony seating but also happen to be the best option for not-so-noticeable socially-distanced seating!"  

Room To Splurge
Though planning through a pandemic was probably not what you might have envisioned, take a look on the bright side. Sally Vander Wyst of Milwaukee Flower Co. is quick to remind us that rearranging some plans might actually open a few doors. "Take some time to talk through a plan A, B, and C with your partner, planner, and family months before your wedding to save you the stress of last-minute planning heartaches. Plan A would be your original wedding plan, Plan B would be 50% of your original guest list and Plan C would be 25% of your original guest list. Once you have made those guest lists, play around with your budget. Look for the silver lining - maybe you have more flowers, a five-course meal, or something special you couldn't afford with a larger guest count."

Communication Is Key
Having clear communication with guests is key! O & B Photo Co. stresses this, stating "Everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to safety and precautions. When sending out RSVPs, be sure to clearly outline the safety procedures that will be in place at your wedding. That way guests can best determine if they're comfortable attending!"

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