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For Rent: Rentivist Makes Finding Wedding Decor a Cinch

Rentivist puts a high-tech spin on high-end event rentals.

After seeing how many boutique rental companies were popping up, yet how hard it was for couples to actually find the wedding-day rentals they were looking for, a light bulb went on for Alyson Newquist and Gretchen Culver. Why not create a website connecting businesses and individuals with products to rent with the people looking to rent them? With that, Rentivist was born.

The Rentivist community is made up of two types of users: listers and renters. Listers can showcase their items for rent, while renters are free to browse what’s available. Rentals run the gamut from traditional wedding items like chuppahs and flatware to the more imaginative (think glamping tents, cowhide rugs and 3-D printers).

“Couples are super-excited about Rentivist,” Newquist says. “It’s one space where they can find and organize items that are actually for rent, versus just taking in all the inspiration that might not actually be available to them.”

If you’re especially good at DIY or if you’ve already invested in amazing wedding-day décor, you can use Rentivist to make your money back by renting out those wedding items.

“Our mission is to reinvent the traditional event rental process with enhanced ease, accessibility and opportunity,” Newquist says.

Rentivist is based in Minnesota, but has listers across the country, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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