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Red, White & Blue: 4th of July Wedding Inspiration

Reeve Currie

Weddings with a Twist dreamed up this 4th of July patriotic wedding full of nature-inspired decor. With Pantone colors of burgundy and dusty blue, red velvet cupcakes and festive drinks, the couple was able to celebrate the coming holiday without it feeling cliché. Set in the couple's favorite park, the reception had a cozy and casual feel, designed for a small group of 50 guests. Keeping with the nature theme, picnic tables were used to display a tablescape full of greenery and florals in vintage jars. Wanting a hint of tradition, a few formal touches were added, such as elegant china and fine linen. The bride wore a simple lace dress with a detailed bodice and plunging neckline. The couple incorporated sparklers and smoke bombs into the late-evening activities and guests were able to watch fireworks burst in the night sky over the tall birch trees as the evening came to a close.