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Bride and Groom's Best Friend

We all know the saying, dogs have been Man's Best Friend
since, well, forever. They are members of the family, sometimes even serving as
surrogate children, as many couples buy a dog together as a big step in their
relationship before starting a family. They play such an important part in our
lives, it seems only right that they be included on your big day. Many brides
and grooms are doing just that. 

With furry friends however, come accidents, barking, and
the occasional disaster. Follow these tips and tricks for a picture perfect day
with your pup.

  • First, check with the venue, photographer, and
    members of the wedding party to make sure there are no pet restrictions,
    allergies, etc.
  • Take photos with the wedding party first, and have
    a friend or family member in charge of bringing Fido towards the end so that he
    doesn't become a distraction.
  • If you have time, take a long walk or a trip to the
    dog park the day before the ceremony to run off some energy.
  • If there are costumes or accessories involved, try
    them on beforehand to ensure that your pet is comfortable and accustomed to
  • Make sure to have water, toys and a snack handy if
    you're planning on a long day.
  • You want to look your very best on the big day--
    make sure your doggy does too! Schedule a trip to the groomers at some point
    prior to the wedding.
  • Don't forget an exit strategy. Coordinate with a
    friend or family member beforehand so your pet doesn't get lost in the shuffle
    after the photos or ceremony.

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