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You’re Welcome: Gift Bags for Guests

Megan McCarty Jordan Dechambre

1. Vital Industries State Love Tote
Show your guests how much you heart Wisconsin with a recycled cotton canvas bag that pays homage to the home state. This State Love tote draws its heart over Madison, but order 12 or more bags and that heart can be placed over any city in the state. At $15 (and discounts on larger orders), it’s the perfect convenient and ethically sourced bag to gift your guests.

2. Lakefront Beer
Nothing says Milwaukee—or Wisconsin, for that matter—like a cold brew. And while large-scale breweries like Miller Brewing, Pabst and Schlitz might have made the city famous, it’s the craft breweries like Lakefront Brewery that now define Brew City. Whether your guests love the hops, or prefer a dark and toasted finish, these local brews will keep the good cheer flowing long after you say “I do.”

3. Treat Bake Shop Candied Pecans
Martha Stewart knows food—so when she sang the praises of Treat Bake Shop in 2012, snack-lovers took notice. A little bit spicy, a little bit salty and a little bit sweet, these made-in-Milwaukee spiced pecans use freshly harvested nuts sourced directly from family growers. Produced in small batches and flavored with Penzeys spices, Treat candied pecans ($14.95/jar or $5.95/bag) are a perfect post-ceremony “treat” for your wedding guests.

4. MKE Home Coffee Mug & Stone Creek Coffee
There’s nothing like a caffeine fix to keep your guests dancing all night long. The MilwaukeeHome brand has garnered a cult following as of late, and its coffee mugs ($8) are a go-to morning statement for true Milwaukeeans. Guests can fill ’em up with Stone Creek Coffee’s own Cream City blend, the local chain’s best-selling coffee with rich chocolate and cherry notes. The coffee also makes a great morning pick-me-up after a night of celebration. Take that, hangover.

5. Admission to the Milwaukee Art Museum
A shining beacon on the Milwaukee waterfront, the Milwaukee Art Museum ($5; $14 for featured exhibitions) is known for its iconic Quadracci Pavilion, created by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and rotating exhibitions of world-famous art. In their wedding-weekend free time, your guests can stroll the sprawling lakefront pathways and take in the splendor of this modern marvel.

6. Canela-Canela Beaded Bracelet
Fashionable Milwaukee-based twins Adriana Mehta and Gabriela Grbic focus on creating products and accessories that reflect their appreciation for natural and organic elements. Stones, leather, fringe, beads and more pop up in their one-of-a-kind creations, including their popular friendship bracelets. Treat guests to this posh favor and expect to see these bracelets as arm candy at your haute reception.

7. Indulgence Chocolatiers Truffles
When it comes to Indulgence Chocolatiers truffles, death by chocolate doesn’t seem like a bad way to go. But why not celebrate life and new beginnings by giving your out-of-town guests Wisconsin’s most celebrated truffles? A box of four ($8) will tempt and treat with flavors like creamy Caramel Fleur de Sel, rich Dark Chocolate, smooth Irish Cream or nutty Amaretto.

8. Clock Shadow Creamery Cheese Curds
They’re tasty. They’re squeaky. And for fresh cheese lovers everywhere, they’re a dream come true. No visit to the Dairy State is complete without a handful of Clock Shadow Creamery cheese curds. You can choose from 12-ounce bags ($30) of white, yellow, garlic dill, Cajun, spicy ranch, tomato basil or pizza for your VIP guests. Add a bottle of wine for a truly perfect pairing.

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