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Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants

22 Settler Hill Circle
Madison, WI 53717
United States

Happily Ever After. . .Begins Here. . .with Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants! Rev. James and Connie, Madison's Premier Wedding Officiants, are a husband-wife team passionately committed to creating and officiating a memorable wedding ceremony for you as they have for 600 couples since 1997.

Describe your approach to wedding ceremonies:

We touch the hearts and funny bones not only of the Bride and Groom but of everyone present. We do this by learning about and sharing the couple's path from meeting each other to committing to each other, including the changes in feelings they have had along the way. Smiles, laughter and tears are common in our ceremonies.

What type of ceremonies do you specialize in?

We specialize in spiritual, secular (non-religious), interfaith, heart-felt, serious and joyful wedding ceremonies created specially for each couple.

Are you open to having the couple decide their music, readings, and overall structure of the ceremony?

The couple can include whatever music and readings they wish to have and, together with us, decide the Order of Service for their ceremony. They can use our four reading packets (Biblical, Literary, Multicultural and Popular) to help in choosing their readings. They also can write their own vows, using our Wedding Vows and Ring Vows packets, if they wish.

What amenities do you have to offer for the ceremony?

We bring loving hearts and big voices. We bring an organized plan and checklist to make sure all that needs to happen does, indeed, take place at the ceremony. We bring experience, training, and professionalism.

Does the bride and groom need to go through a pre-marriage counseling process/interview with you?

We meet with the couple to get to know and care about them. We offer Spiritual Relationship counseling but it is totally voluntary and most of our couple choose not to do it.

Is the bride and groom able to do a rehearsal the night before the wedding? If yes, would you be conducting it?

The Bride and Groom are welcome to include us in their rehearsal for a small fee. We bring organization, efficiency, and humor to make the rehearsal both fun and purposeful. If the couple is doing the rehearsal themselves, we offer guidance on how to do so at our final meeting the week of the wedding.

Do you have any restrictions on videographers, photographers, florists, etc?

We tell professional photographers and videographers to do what is necessary to capture images of the important parts of the wedding ceremony. We have no restrictions on florist or decorations.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Contrary to those 'officiants' who spent 60 seconds and $20 to become 'ordained' over the internet, we attended two years of Divinity School and served a one-year chaplain residency. We are full-time professional ministers trained in ritual process, ceremonial design and counseling. Weddings are a part of our ministry, not a hobby like it is for internet officiants.


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