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Juke Box Bandstand

PO Box 2291
Madison, WI
United States

Which entertainment options do you offer?

Our entertainment options are very extensive. Musically we offer the DJ/Emcee program, but we also offer live music as well. We can package together a string quartet (LFQ) for your ceremony and a saxophone player, Brian Fictum ("That Sax Guy") for the cocktail and dinner portion. The DJ is on premise for all introductions and announcements. Other offerings include:
Video projection
Gobo Logo creation and projection
Solo dance talk-over creation
Ceremony wireless audio
Up-lighting with capacity to cover entire room
Photo Booths
and more

How many people do you send out on location? Are they all employed through your company?

The number of individuals on location varies with the program hired. With Ceremony PA, DJ, String Quartet and Jazz Saxophonist combined this could be up to a total of seven people. We work with these talented individuals on a regular basis and put together some amazing events.

What type of attire is worn?

Full suit or tux attire is worn to all events. We are seeing a trend towards the suit being preferred by most clients now, versus the tux.

What are your costs for the services provided?

It varies depending on all the options we offer. The DJ/Emcee program for six hours is around $1200 during the prime season on Saturday nights. With the addition of the string quartet for the ceremony and 2 hours of the jazz saxophonist for cocktails and dinner, the cost is around $2500. This is still competitive to some DJ services alone!

Do you provide a song list to choose from?

Absolutely. The clients can view our library from our interactive website. In addition, they can click & submit their favorites directly to us. Every song posted comes to each and every event! Thirty seconds of audio is offered by clicking the audio icon associated with the song title.

Is it possible to see the different styles if interaction you offer?

In our face-to-face meetings the clients can see so much more of what we offer. One of our most popular features is the on-line planning tool. The Bride and Groom give us every detail to make their reception perfect and unique to them. Their preferences, tolerances and the "absolutely nots" will be covered. Thus, their comfort level will be established.

Do your fees include background music during dinner?

Our fees include background music through dinner, and as explained earlier this might be provided by the DJ, the quartet or the sax player, or a combination of all three!

Will the performer act as "Master of Ceremonies"?

Not only do we act as the Emcee for the evening, but we do it in good taste. Never going "over the top"!

Do you have a cordless microphone available for use during the speeches?

We provide the head table with our wireless mic, and it's not just a standard wireless mic. We have the ability to scan the room for all available frequencies therefore never picking up stray sounds from cell phones or other wireless devices!

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

Our philosophy is very basic. We never forget that this is your day. We are honored to be a part of your wedding team. Too many DJs of recent have developed the "rock star" attitude and truly believe the people are coming to see them. We never forget that this day is for the bride & groom, their families and friends!

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

It's an exciting time for us. We are a family owned business and very fortunate to have a great group of DJs and musicians to work with. We strive to surround ourselves with talented individuals that have their wits about them and understand the importance of what we all do. After being in this business for 30 years, this is the best that "JBB" has ever been. We have evolved through the years...always staying current with the newest technology and trends. The live/recorded combination of entertainment is truly exciting! A talented group of string musicians, "LFQ" can bring their quartet to your ceremony. Brian, "That Sax Guy" can entertain you with his smooth sounds for cocktails and dinner, with our DJ emceeing throughout. When the dancing begins, the floor is electric! Exceptional results!

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