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Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment

N15 W22180 Watertown Road, Ste. 12
Waukesha, WI
United States

What type of entertainment options do you offer?

We offer fully-customized DJ entertainment. We've always been taught that a "Jack of all trades" is truly a master of none. Therefore, our focus is on being a great DJ service, and leaving things like live music, photography and photo booths to the experts in those fields.

How many various people do you send out on location?Are they all employed through your company?

We have an in-house staff of nearly three dozen versatile, experienced professional disc jockeys who we're proud to call "ours"! We are not a talent agency or referral network, so there are no worries about having a random freelance subcontractor performing on behalf of Midwest Sound. Your DJ will be ready, willing and able to serve you and your guests single-handedly.

What type of attire is worn?

Unless otherwise directed by our clients, our dress code is "business formal", so suits and ties are standard attire.

What are your costs for the services provided?

We always include everything necessary for a successful event, and base the pricing on the amount of performance time needed by our clients. Because we understand that not everyone has a "celebrity wedding" budget, we often offer discounted pricing. For a typical or average-length wedding reception, the cost can range from $595 to $995.

Is there a list of songs to choose from?

Our music library contains literally hundreds of thousands of songs across all genres. To avoid overwhelming our clients, we provide a very manageable starter list of about 700-800 of the most popularly requested songs. It's a wonderful opportunity to indicate which songs are the "must-plays" and perhaps even more importantly, which songs are the "do-not-plays." Any songs that are not found on the list can simply be added in! We employ a full-time Music Director to ensure that each client's requests are accommodated.

Is there a way to see what different styles of interaction you offer?

Simply tell us what's right for you and your guests! Each client and each event is different. We encourage every couple to indicate what they would like from their DJ and how they want it done. In decades past, DJs essentially did the same "shtick" every time they a prospective client would have to sneak in and watch a DJ (or series of DJs) performing at other events to pick which DJ's "show" was closest to what they wanted. Over time, as most of the reputable companies in the industry have shifted toward being the true SERVICE they were meant to be, it has become unnecessary to waste countless weekends watching DJs catering to other couples' tastes.

Do your fees include background music during dinner?

Nearly all of our quotes include light background music during social/dinner hour--and whenever possible, we try to offer it at little or no cost!

Will the performer act as “Master of Ceremonies”?

Absolutely--to whatever extent you wish! By default, we believe that it is part of the job of a DJ to help organize, orchestrate and facilitate the events and flow of the evening...leaving our clients in a position to sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening with their friends and families.

Do you have a cordless microphone available for use during speeches?

We do offer the option of a cordless microphone to our clients. Because the vast majority of reception venues offer a microphone to the clients as part of the facility rental, our clients have overwhelmingly preferred that we keep it optional rather than add it to the list of standard equipment and charge everybody for something that so few truly need.

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

It's a simple concept-- Your Music, Your Events, Your Way. Even though we have performed for thousands of couples, we haven't performed for YOU yet. Take as much control as you wish! With every new client comes a chance for us to experience how special that day is to them. Our DJs approach each event with a mind full of wisdom and experience, and a heart that never forgets the magic that surrounds the wedding day.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Midwest Sound is a full-time, full-service DJ company that has been serving Wisconsin since 1976, and has earned its stellar reputation by consistently exceeding our clients' expectations. In 35 years of business (and performing for over 700 couples in the last year alone), we have NEVER missed an event--for any reason...a track record of perfection that is unmatched in the industry.

Our approach is genius in its simplicity--give each client everything they need for a successful event, follow their wishes, keep the reservation process simple and stress-free, and keep ego out of the pricing structure.


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