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Organic Engagement: Jamie Joseph to Unveil Latest Wedding Ring Collection

Jamie Joseph's jewelry line, already vastly popular among celebrities, is renowned for its use of stunning precious stones, but lately, her design studio has been honing in on one particular gem. The diamond. That's right, Jamie is bringing her eye for organic design and acute attention to detail to a brand new engagement ring line. Her breathtaking selection stays true to the Jamie Joseph brand, which a few household names like Naomi Watts, Kate Beckinsale and Cameron Diaz know and love, with its focus on light, texture and natural architecture. 

While the newest of the new designs won't officially make their sparkly debut until Friday, November 14, we snagged this sneak peek of Jamie Joseph's never-before-seen designs:


In short, each and every engagement ring has us positively swooning (the "I pinned every single design to my personal Pinterest account" kind of swooning). Each design is carefully crafted by hand from the finest metals and can be mixed and matched with a variety of Jamie's wedding bands. Right now, we're loving the idea of mixed metals and stacks of thin bands, both of which Jamie Joseph does oh-so-well. 

jamie joseph


Looking to top it off with a matching band for the groom-to-be? Jamie has an assortment of unique designs to complement your set and fit your man's personality. Understated details add an extra layer of meaning, setting them apart from traditional bands. Outdoorsman? We love the Men's Bark. Beach-goer? Consider Men's Sand. Jamie's men's line proves that style and function can come hand-in-hand. 


Love what you see? (We knew you would!) Check out the Jamie Joseph website to find a retail location near you. 

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