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5 Things Photographers Wish You Knew

In a tech-savvy world, where just about everyone has a camera within arm’s reach, you might think you’re nearly pro a when it comes to photography. However, just as your wedding is all about making memories, the photography is all about capturing those memories in ways that truly reflect what happened on your special day. While posed shots with your family and friends will be important, you also want to make sure that some of the treasured moments--the groom’s first look at the bride, a mother’s happy tears as her daughter dances with her father, or the moment the flower girl stole the show right before the bride made her big entrance--aren't missed.

You already have a lot of details to prep for when planning your big day, so we paired up with a professional to relieve some pressure when it comes to photography. Eron Laber, Owner and Photographer at Front Room Photography in Milwaukee, has been behind the lens for 18 years and knows how to take unforgettable pictures when two people join together as one. When it comes to weddings and photography, here are the top five things he wished every couple knew:

bride groom ceremony wedding vow cry tear front room photography

1. Feel free to cry, but laugh also! The photo of people trying to hold back their tears is not nearly as photogenic as the image of someone laughing or smiling through their tears.

family grouping wedding photography bride groom parent party ceremony reception front room photography

2. A list of specific family groupings makes that part of the day 1000 percent times smoother. Generating that list forces the conversation to happen prior to the wedding. That means the question won’t be considered for the first time on the wedding day, which only leads to searching for people that had no idea they would be needed for those photos.

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3. Your experience on your wedding day is as important as your photos.

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4. An engagement session is the best way to know exactly what working with your photographer on your wedding day will feel like. Seeing those photos is the best way to have confidence in them and yourselves. This experience helps make the entire wedding day that much more comfortable and gives brides and grooms that much more confidence in how they will look in their photos.

bride groom hug wedding bouquet front room photography

5. Stay present and active throughout the wedding day. Amazing moments happen when everyone just lives to the fullest and doesn’t worry about anything regarding photos. If you hire the right photographer, they will know when to guide you and give you the freedom to just be until that time. 

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