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A Magical Engagement Session at Majestic Theatre

Rich in history, Madison's Majestic Theatre opened in 1906, making it the city's oldest venue. From vaudeville performances to silent movies to even Harry Houdini, this stage has made a lot of memories. Seth and Michelle saw their first live concert at the Majestic, and when the couple got engaged, they decided to return to the scene where their love of music brought them together. Cool lighting and unique nooks created amazing shots for the couple's engagement photos, done by the talented Bellow Blue Photography. This shoot gets a standing ovation. Bravo!


From the Bellow Blue Photography:

Seth and Michelle met at UW-Whitewater and instantly became connected over music. Before they were even dating, Michelle used to go to Seth’s apartment where they would exchange USB drives of music and disregard their homework assignments. They had always been into similar music, but had yet to see a live concert together (something they both enjoyed doing). Michelle saw that Matt and Kim were coming to Madison around the time of her birthday…and Seth thought it would be an excellent birthday present for Michelle. Entering the intimate setting of the Majestic theatre in Madison, Michelle and Seth quickly bought a few PBR tall boys and made their way to the front row. Neither had been to such a cozy concert space before, and looked forward to being so up close and personal with the band. After the concert Seth and Michelle had each gotten souvenir posters to remember their first real concert together, and were exiting when Seth noticed that Kim had stepped out to the Merch table to sign autographs. As Seth and Michelle rode home with the windows down reminiscing about the fun night they just had together, they never realized they would continue to talk about it for years to come. Even after seeing countless concerts long after the Matt and Kim show, they still look fondly back at that concert and remember it as a special experience that brought them together. This is why they decided to go back to the same venue five years later and have a magical engagement session captured!

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