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Vendor Love: Two Amazing Vendors Bloom in Milwaukee

Photographer Joe Hang’s gorgeous work has caught our attention for a while, most recently with the lovely images captured of Julia and Phil’s backyard wedding and Amanda and Mike’s elegant Bacchus event. So when he was singing the praises of Emily Watson, owner and floral designer of Stems Cut Flowers out of Milwaukee, we were all ears.

“It's always fun and special working with Emily,” says Hang. “We've done a few weddings together over two years, and Emily was the first florist that I kept on seeing over and over at weddings, which says a lot about her work.”

The working relationship soon bloomed into friendship, which led Hang to capture Watson’s budding business on film. “The more I got to know her, the more I realized how passionately she was at not only delivering beautiful flowers but also making sure they were environmentally friendly,” says Hang. “Prior to us working together, I never would have known that.”  

Wisconsin Bride (WB) caught up with Watson for a quick Vendor Love Q&A about Stems Cut Flowers. We paired up her responses with pictures taken by Hang, for an online arrangement that we’re simply smitten over.

Vendor Love: Stems Cut Flowers and Joe Hang Photography

WB: Tell us about Stems Cut Flowers and how you got started in the bridal floral business?

EW: I started Stems Cut Flowers in 2008 as a fresh cut flower farm. I have a professional background in both the gardening and floral industries. My intention was to grow flowers and sell them to other florists and designers. But when you have lots of flowers, you eventually get talked into doing weddings. I was hesitant at first, but I found that I really liked it. In 2010, I started really marketing my wedding services.

Vendor Love: Stems Cut Flowers and Joe Hang Photography

WB: What makes your business unique?

EW: I use almost entirely locally grown flowers. I grow about half of the flowers myself, and the rest I source from other Wisconsin flower growers. I do make a few exceptions in the winter and early spring months. But even then I really try to source my flowers from other US and Canadian growers, as local as possible. With about 80 percent of the flowers sold in this country coming in from South America, I think that makes me very unique. I am also focused on eco-friendly practices, and my designs are natural and gardeny, reflecting the beauty of the season.

Vendor Love: Stems Cut Flowers and Joe Hang Photography

WB: What is your favorite part about working with brides/weddings?

EW: I really love the variety of people that I meet and work with. I tend to deal with a lot of people who are doing something a little unique or incorporating DIY elements, so I really never do the same thing twice. It can be more work but it is also means that I never get bored.

Vendor Love: Stems Cut Flowers and Joe Hang Photography

WB: What tips do you have for brides based on what you see in your business?

EW: I think that everyone needs to remember that it is a celebration; it should be fun. If you hire the correct professional, someone who really fits with your personality and you trust them, everything will be easier. You won't need to manage every little detail (unless that's your idea of fun.) Usually the brides who have been happiest with their flowers are the ones who give me little direction. They will show me some pictures that they like and give me a general color scheme. I get a feel for their personalities, then I go ahead with whatever is in season that matches up with them.

Since it's been so gray and chilly in Wisconsin lately, we're pretty certain you need more bright flowers in your life. As an awesome bonus, Hang shared a wedding that he and Watson both worked recently. His pictures are breathtaking, which has a lot to do with the beautiful bouquets and amazing crown. Here are a few pictured floral pretties from the wedding of Nicole and Ryan:

Nicole and RyanNicole and RyanNicole and Ryan 

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