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Alayna + Kyle: Intimate Milwaukee Wedding

Reeve Currie

Sometimes the perfect wedding isn't an elaborate, fancy event, but a gathering of close friends and family that is laid back and still elegant. Alayna and Kyle's wedding dazzled their guests with pizza and donuts for their reception meal in a brick and timber venue in Milwaukee. The couple's design focused on bright, beautiful florals, as well as a gorgeous hanging backdrop for their ceremony. Pictures taken in the nearby woods show the intimate connection between the bride and groom. Their wedding was full of overwhelming love and support from their guests - the perfect way to begin a marriage. 


From the photographer:

One of the reasons why I loved and thought that this wedding was special was because of how down-to-earth these guys were. They were so amazingly sweet and kind! I really loved the fact their wedding stood out from the crowd as it was unique in their own special way. Instead of having a cake they had donuts, they didn't have a big wedding party and only had their younger sisters stand with them, and had delicious pizza for dinner.  That is pretty much how I would plan my wedding. They were a blast to photograph as well as it was so simple to capture how in love they are. Having a small wedding party allowed me more time to get intimate shots and it really showed in the pictures when they were together. This was definitely one of my favorites for 2016!

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