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Amanda & Michael: Simple, Relaxed and Love-filled Wedding Day


Wedding: August 27, 2016

Ceremony & Reception: Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, Milwaukee

Honeymoon: Michigan

When Amanda Dudenhoefer first saw Michael Corpolongo, it was over a cubicle wall at work. They were both dating other people, so despite catching each other’s eye, it took months before they first spoke, and another year before Mike asked Amanda to hang out. The slow and steady pace continued for nearly 10 years. Having bought the engagement ring two years before popping the big question, Mike finally proposed. “He told me he didn’t want to wait any longer or start another year without knowing if I was going to be his wife,” says Amanda, describing the moment, on Christmas Eve morning. “It was sweet and simple, just like our relationship.” While the two didn’t have a specific theme for their wedding, sweet and simple could definitely describe the day. Guests were treated to barbecue, beer and music—things the couple loves. That’s exactly what Amanda and Michael wanted from their wedding: a beautiful, relaxed event filled with love. 


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