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Amanda & Richard: Casual Summer Wedding at The Enchanted Barn

When Amanda Nelson tells how she met husband-to-be Richard Maday in a high school ceramics class, she jokes that it was just like the scene from Ghost. It’s that playful spirit that brought them together years later, a feeling they wanted to carry over into their wedding day. Amanda’s vision of a casual, comfortable yet refined wedding was realized at the Enchanted Barn on a summer day, with unpredictable weather that failed to ruin the couple’s fun. Even though a storm whipped up before the ceremony, forcing the party inside, Amanda and Richard made the most of their special day.

Instead of a unity candle, Amanda says, she wanted something different, an unexpected touch. What two things can stand alone but are made infinitely more delicious when joined? Peanut butter and jelly, naturally. The bride and groom crafted a sandwich as a symbol of their union, and sent guests home at the end of the night with favors—a small jar of peanut butter, another of jelly—as a testament to their spirited union.


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