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Carrisa & Alex: Romantic Summer Wedding at Rustic Manor 1848

Head over heels for one another, Carrisa Sommers and Alex Matz say they each have their parents’ many years of happiness to thank for a strong bond. “They taught us how to be compassionate, genuine and caring,” says Carrisa. “Alex and I are so proud of who we are as a couple, what we have been through, and the hurdles we have overcome.” While every couple is sure to encounter obstacles, Carrisa and Alex’s came in the way of long-distance dating for lengthy periods. Just three months after their “love-at-first sight” meeting, Alex started basic training in the U.S. Air Force, when they had little to no communication with one another. The two lived apart for three years, seeing each other only every six months before Alex was stationed overseas for the final year—it wasn’t until their wedding day that Carrisa and Alex began seeing each other on a daily basis. The time apart may have been challenging, but it taught these newlyweds to treasure every moment together, much of which was spent in rustic Wisconsin settings walking the lake or cuddling beneath picturesque sunsets. These times together helped to shape their wedding day, reminding them of where they’ve been, and the strengthened bond their bright future holds.

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