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Hannah & Christian: Urban-Organic Wedding at the Pritzlaff Building

It was an eight-year journey for Hannah Remmers and Christian Shebesta, starting in high school followed by long-distance dating in college, before finally reaching their wedding day last summer. While the two were in college, March 25 became an important date when their spring breaks overlapped, inspiring an impromptu local adventure in Milwaukee, where Christian then lived; ever since, the two have celebrated their self-proclaimed “Adventure Day” by trying something new or visiting somewhere they haven’t been before. And on March 25, 2015, Christian proposed to Hannah and kicked off their ultimate adventure together.

Friends and family were top of mind while planning the wedding, which the couple describes as urban-organic, mixing copper and blues with lush greenery and florals against a backdrop of exposed brick. “We wanted our wedding day to be about including our loved ones in the beginning of our marriage and to thank them for all of their support along the way,” says Hannah. The couple wanted time to hug, hear from and reminisce with their guests, making meaningful connections the most important part of their day.

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