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Happy Campers Join Together at Camp Wandawega

For many, summers in Wisconsin conjure up nostalgic memories of cottages on the lake, dinner at rustic supper clubs (made even better with a Brandy Old Fashioned and relish plate), and cool nights huddled around campfires. Simple pleasures, if you will. It was this very fuss-free feeling that Caitlin and Seth were seeking for their big day, and the reason why Camp Wandawega of Elkhorn was the perfect location.

You might read "Camp" and think a collection of basics sites on which to pitch tents. But with Camp Wandawega, ditch everything you know about outdoor residing and think more Wes Anderson's Moonlight Kingdom. Every inch of this Elkhorn-based beauty, from kitchy cottages, to named tents, to the childlike rope swing over the lake, is filled with stylized quirky camp details that'll have you head over heels in love. 

Even though a friend once told me that even a baby could take beautiful pictures at Camp Wandawega, Stephanie Bassos of Stephanie Bassos Photography showed her true eye for detail in the pictures she captured on the couple's special outdoor occasion. I couldn't get enough of this setting, and if it weren't for Wisconsin's super cold winters, I just might consider becoming a permanent Camp resident. See for yourself...


From the bride:

The main goal of what Seth and I wanted from our wedding was to have fun, create an experience for our guests to have fun, and to make it as easy going and not fussy as possible. Camp Wandawega was the perfect place to do this. David and Tereasa [the proprietors] already had the perfect back drop to the style and feeling that we wanted for the wedding. All we did was add a few tassels and flowers to accent the already beautiful setting. 

We were fortunate enough to have friends to help out with the wedding as well. Our friend Kristen from Toast and Jam DJ'd, our dear friend Stephanie Bassos took the reigns with the photography, our friend Dean from South Social and Home helped us stay sane the day of, our company The Foxglove Studio did the flowers (along with the girls in the family helping with arranging, and they killed it!) , and all of our friends and family pitched in like happy campers to get everything set and ready for the day. Working with a venue like Camp Wandawega was nice, too because they had a company (Best Events out of Janesville WI)  that could do all of the catering, tent, extra bathrooms, table and chair rentals, and more in one fell swoop! This made the planning process SO much easier as it was one proposal and one payment for all of those things.  One of my favorite parts of the process was collecting the dinner dishes with our friend Moira (who will be now using them for her wedding in August). If you decide to collect your own vintage dishes, it is fun, financially easier, and not as time consuming if you go in on it with a friend that is getting married too! 

We couldn't have asked for a better wedding. We were surrounded by loved ones and really felt like the event was a collaboration of everyone's love towards us and each other. The icing on the cake was the bonfire at the end of the night where everyone was able to connect, catch up, and relax after an amazing day!

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