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Jeska & Brent: Vintage Ballroom Wedding

A Christmas party brought Jeska Webber and Brent Buss together, and Jeska knew that he was the one for her from the moment he walked in the door. “I turned to my friend and called dibs on him,” she recalls. Four years later, the two were united in a ceremony that almost wasn’t: The bride-to-be lost the marriage license on the day of the wedding. She awoke at 4 a.m. in a panic, she says. “I was Googling ‘What to do if you lose your marriage license,’ ” but she was saved by the staff of her rehearsal dinner venue. Twenty minutes before the ceremony, she received a call that her license had accidentally been tossed out with the trash but remained in perfect condition, ready to sign. With everything in place, she and her groom were able to enjoy a day with friends and family that, she says, “was so perfect it was scary.”


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