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Kelsey & John: Blushing Spring Wedding at Villa Bellezza

John Golnitz first caught the eye of Kelsey Marti while playing in a work-related softball league, proving diamonds really are a girl’s best friend (even if they’re not the kind Marilyn Monroe sang about). John almost struck out before their first date even started, as circumstances forced him to be an hour late. However, Kelsey overlooked the error, and the lunch-date-turned-10-hour day together ended up as a grand slam. Sports fans know that a perfect game is rare, and the same holds true for weddings.

In the case of Kelsey and John’s big day, missing wedding vows nearly caused a foul. The vows were written on a forgotten laptop that was two hours away; fortunately, a family friend who had yet to leave delivered the computer safe and sound. But “bride brain” kicked in and Kelsey could not remember her password, and she called her soon-to-be-husband in tears. “We tackle life with the motto, ‘We got this!,’ which is inscribed in his wedding ring,” she says. “I was able to rewrite most of the vows from memory, but added a touch of Kelsey to fill in what I couldn’t remember, making our vows that much more special and something we will always remember.”

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