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Melissa & Jonathan: Lush Outdoor Wedding at Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Melissa Bergstrom and Jonathan Nelson, who met while studying at Michigan Tech in that state’s Upper Peninsula, would describe themselves as outdoorsy types. So it was a run-of-the-mill day when the couple set off on a camping trip in Porcupine Mountains State Park. “It’s a two-hour hike to get to the shores of Lake Superior,” Melissa says, and just as they approached the descent to the water line, they came upon a cozy scene with flowers, lanterns in the trees, champagne … “and he got down on one knee and proposed.” Jonathan knew exactly what Melissa wanted—an intimate moment in nature to celebrate their love, which he orchestrated with a little help from his friends. “He really knocked it out of the park.” They wed in a lush outdoor ceremony surrounded by friends and family, and then, naturally, took a month-long camping trip honeymoon to honor the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

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