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The Perfect Storm: A Heartfelt, Family Farm Wedding in Phillips

Jason and Amy's wedding was a real family affair. The nuptials took place at the Bride's scenic family farm, with meaningful contributions aplenty from the couple's loved ones throughout the big day. The beautifully made rustic ceremony benches were built by the Bride's father and uncle, while the Bride's aunt collected dinnerware from an array of vintage shops. Amy's sister made her lovely jewelry, and the Bride's brother served as the officiant. An unexpected twist in weather transformed the bright sky into a hail storm, but the sudden change of dark clouds only served to dramatically enhance the evident adoration between the Bride and Groom. Eventually, the clouds parted and everyone celebrated at the barn reception with love and laughter, along with a traditional rice throwing send-off for the newlyweds.


From the Bride:

The Bride, Amy, grew up helping her father gathering sap in milk cans every March to cook down to make the best, pure maple syrup a person has ever tasted. Having the old milk cans down the aisle brought beautiful memories back of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire, playing cards with her sisters, listening to music, dancing, and laughter beyond control! The wedding was located on family land where the Bride, Amy, grew up. As the beautiful field wedding was taking place, a dark hail storm appeared. The ceremony paused while everyone headed for cover and stayed dry in their vehicles. About an hour later, the storm had passed and everyone leant a helping hand drying off the benches and cleaning up what the storm had stirred up. As the clouds were still heavy in the sky, gorgeous photos were created by Hailey Lundborg Photography. The ceremony continued and could not have been more perfect! The Bride’s parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary only 4 days earlier. And when they got married 35 years ago, the Bride's grandparents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. On June 10th, 2016 Jason and Amy Mathews got married on her grandparents farm on the same date her grandparents got married 70 years ago. 70 years here we come!

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