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Rustic Romance: A Fancy Wedding Fit for a Farm

Farms may seem commonplace for Wisconsin, but for Leigh and Patrick's wedding, shot by Photographs by Jenna Leigh, the ordinary became extraordinary with pops of color and personal touches that added elegance to a rustic affair. Grays gave casual masculinity to the men's attire, while offering sophistication and cohesiveness to the bridesmaids mix of dresses. This stylish couple really went for the gold, using the bright hue to dot the bouquets and boutonnieres, embellish outfits, and make the bride's heels a main attraction in shoes that simply leave you smiling.  The outdoor ceremony setting sang the beauty of nature, while the barn reception hall offered playful modern twists to keep the guests entertained. And when late night cravings crept in after dancing the night away, the swanky food truck pulled up to satisfy any hunger pangs.  A soft rain finished the night, in a sense baptizing the new marriage of this happy couple. 


From Photographs by Jenna Leigh:

The sun was shining, a fall breeze blowing, animals running wild, pumpkins were growing, and the anticipation was building... it was finally Leigh and Pat's wedding day. As we entered the farm house we were kindly greeted by the ladies as they did their final preparations and slipped Leigh into her dress. We explored the grounds of the farm with wide smiles on our faces and giggled as we looked at all of the animals as they ran around. Down a dusty beaten path was the ceremony complete with hay bale benches overlooking a field. The ceremony included readings from the wise Dr. Seuss and the amazing words from "How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog." Following the hay ride back to the barn, guests mingled outdoors over cocktails and entered the beautifully decorated barn. From DIY details to beautiful table settings to homemade cupcakes, each and every touch of the wedding had Leigh and Pat written all over it. Guests enjoyed the incredible eats of a food truck and danced the night away, a romantic rain started to fall as the evening progressed so guests snuggled up in the farm and heated up the place with dance moves.

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