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How to Not Get Overwhelmed By Wedding Planning

Megan McCarty Jessica Flannigan

Q. As I get deeper into my wedding to-do list, I’m starting to feel really overwhelmed. I have too many appointments to juggle, a crazy amount of research to do and the costs are spiraling out of control. How can I stay within budget and still have a fabulous wedding without losing my mind?

You’re not alone—many brides hit a wall at some point in the planning process. Each time this happens, we have the same advice: Hire a wedding planner. While this might seem like it adds to the cost of your wedding, that’s usually not the case—wedding planners are trained to help you save money and time, whether your budget allows for full-service planning or just day-of coordination.

Golden Chic Events, a wedding planning company based in Port Washington, offers day-of packages that include consultation meetings, vendor communication and rehearsal coordination, along with assistance on the wedding day. “We’ve done loads of weddings, and have the know-how to help brides avoid spending too much on things that can be less expensive at other places,” says owner Sara Dahmen.

Beyond the potential cost savings, planners take stress off the bride and her family in the weeks leading up to the wedding and they can help tie everything together. “Anyone can pull off lavish centerpieces and dramatic linens with a good budget, but it takes creativity and awareness of trends to put together a fabulous and fun night without spending a ridiculous amount of money,” says Dahmen. “That’s what we do best.”

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