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Wedding Planning Basics

Q. Why do I need a wedding coordinator?
A. Wedding coordinators are the quintessential reason for weddings to move smoothly, timely and keep the vision of the wedding on course.
     Many brides like to plan their weddings with their mother or a close friend or family member. This is great! We urge families to be involved. Family members or friends might not know ways to cut budgets, what vendors specialize in certain types of weddings or what small details will make a big impact on the big day. This is where a wedding coordinator comes in. We can take the small unique characteristic of the couple that may have been overlooked and wrap the whole wedding around it. We love when we hear guests say, "This wedding is such a reflection of the couple and their taste."

Q. When should I hire a coordinator?

A. Many couples do not know how much time or money is involved in planning a wedding until they are knee deep in the planning. It is very important to have a coordinator involved from the beginning to establish the vision with you and keep the ball rolling in the right path. Deciding the fate of your wedding is as easy as picking the wrong venue for your guest size, budget and decor/vision. If you are knee deep into planning and realize that you need help wrapping it all together we are here to help.

Q. I love to do things myself. I have my own ideas and want my wedding to be what I planned.
A. If you are a do it yourself bride that is wonderful! Your skills are highly respected to a coordinator. We love to take the ideas you have, work with you and make them shine even more with a bit of professional advise on what works, what doesn't, and what might be a waste of money. There are some things that become out of your control on the wedding day. If it starts raining at your outdoor ceremony your can't run out and start handing your guests umbrellas or usher them to shelter.

Q. My friends and family will help me setup and transport items the day of the wedding. Why do I need a coordinator?
A. Your friends and family want to help you and will never say no. But why burden them when they are the closest people to you? Let them enjoy the day, let yourself relax and know that everything is being taken care of by a professional. Hire a wedding coordinator that you trust and has the experience and reliability to make your day more than you had ever dreamed of.

Q. I can't afford a wedding coordinator. How do I fit it in my budget?
Every budget planning should include a percentage for a coordinator. If you can't hire the best and more fabulous coordinator in your area there are planners that will fit in your budget as some offer month of coordination or hourly services.  Wedding coordinators would agree that hourly services is not the most effective route for ensuring that your day is flawless and what you dreamed of, but it may be the extra hand that you need.

Allison Kline is a wedding coordinator and owner of Sash & Bow, an event planning company located in De Pere.

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