Friday, February 27 2015

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Sally Vander Wyst, Milwaukee Flower Company: @veganistaflorista

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Thursday, February 26 2015

Have you ever noticed the style of a wedding dress tends to define a decade? The symbolic dress embodies all the special qualities of clothing during that era -- sheath silhouettes of the '20s, full tulle skirts of the '50s, the puffy sleeves of the '80s (*cringe*). Like all things, wedding dress history repeats itself and lucky for us, some of these by-gone styles become classics (Kate Middleton's Grace Kelly-inspired dress, for example). Check out the timeline below for a look at how the dress has evolved in the last century.

Wednesday, February 25 2015

Although Sara Preston and Patrick McDonald came from neighboring towns and knew each other in high school, they didn’t start dating until after he’d come home from two tours in Iraq. A Marine Corps veteran, Patrick has Irish heritage while Sarah is part-Scottish, so the two sought to honor both his service and their heritage with a classic yet oh-so-romantic event celebrating the theme “Love never fails.” As the sun shone bright against a crisp blue sky on a perfect 75-degree day, the Marine Corps hymn trumpeting, Patrick in his dress blues sliced the cake with his sword.

Monday, February 23 2015

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Have you noticed how these days “wedding season” seems to be expanding beyond the standard summer months? Tropical destination weddings in the winter (nice vacay opportunity, thank you very much!), harvest-themed weddings in the fall, garden weddings in the spring. More and more, folks are picking the time of year they love, or that works for them, not when the time is set by tradition.

Friday, February 20 2015

Love was in the air this week on Instagram, with lots of beautiful brides and handsome grooms standing side-by-side. We've rounded up our top 5 favorites! Don't forget to follow us at #wisconsinbride for more wedding and bridal inspiration.

Amanda Shallow: @amandashallow