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  • The wedding’s theme was mirrored after their first date - a formal dinner that turned into joining an impromptu parade and splitting a plate of nachos.

  • The couple ensured their guests would have the Wisconsin experience with Spotted Cow beer and cheese curds while Jed managed to sneak some Gamecocks stickers onto the dance floor.

  • With one Great Lake to our east and thousands more dotting our beloved state, take advantage of Wisconsin’s miles of shoreline for a brilliant beachside wedding.

  • The long-awaited wedding ceremony took place in the rooftop sculpture garden of the Grohmann Museum in Milwaukee—a particularly special venue, as this area is typically off-limits for nuptials.

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  • This color combo is everything cheerful and peppy to inspire your spring wedding decor. Insta is full of rosy pinks and and lemon yellow this week -putting us in the mood for buds blooming and snow melting!
  • The in-between season of winter and spring can make decorating for the big day a bit tricky. If you're unsure how to bridge the gap between snow and sun, incorporate some light apple reds into your theme. Instagram is full of reds like current and candy this week that will inspire you no matter what the season, making the transition smooth as the snow begins to melt.

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