Dried Bouquets from The Flower Patch

It doesn’t get more country chic than a bouquet from Kathy Czerniak of The Flower Patch. This lifelong Wisconsin resident and her family run a working farm and roadside produce stand in Medford, where they tend eight acres of flowers from seed to harvest every year. After cutting, she hangs them from the rafters of her barn to dry. A few weeks later, Kathy brings them down to her studio and turns them into gorgeous bouquets, boutonnières and wreaths for weddings across the state and around the world. She knows her customer is a farm girl at heart too: “I think the bride that orders from me wants that simple country look,” she says. The Flower Patch's arrangements bring that just-picked-from-the-field feeling to your rustic wedding and you can continue to enjoy them long after.

Photo by Patrick McPheron Photography.