Vintage Apple Orchard Love Abounds in This Stylized Shoot

It’s only a matter of weeks--possibly days--before the air turns crisp and sweater weather is in full swing. Local orchards and farms are swarmed with families and couples gathering bushels of apples with which to bake pies, crumbles, and other well-loved autumn goodies. Pumpkins are being picked for outdoor decor and later to carve into Jack O’Lanterns for October’s own big day. 

While the fall farm was part of the inspiration for Booth Photographics’ stylized shoot, a looking back to tougher times--life in the 1930s--was at the heart of this vintage session. However, despite almost a full century standing between now and the Great Depression era, it’s amazing to see just how current this wedding really feels. Take a stroll through this throwback style set in Cottage Grove’s Door Creek Orchard. 



From Booth Photographics: 

The [Wisconsin] bride is the unexpected bride. She finds ways to use unexpected items and resources to create a uniquely beautiful wedding. As we watched the movie Cinderella Man, we began talking about how people celebrated during hardship. We talked about how a couple in the Great Depression Era would use what they had and call it beautiful. And all of a sudden, we realized we were talking about our brides! Handcrafted, locally-sourced, and unexpected define this Great Depression inspired Orchard Elopement. And we believe that perspective is what many brides find beauty in!

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