Sparkling Music-Themed Wedding at Turner Hall Ballroom

From: Fall/Winter 2015 edition

Music has been at the heart of Amanda Ergen and Steve Jennings’ relationship, which actually began on a wedding dance floor. The two bonded when they discovered they liked many of the same bands, but had missed performances because neither had someone to go with; now Amanda and Steve attend an average of 20 concerts a year together. For their wedding, the couple pumped up the volume, making their love of music the chorus of the event. Concert posters, vinyl records and cassette tapes were the inspiration for the guest favors, décor and more.

As the owner of MinkMaids, a custom bridal gown and bridesmaid dress business, Amanda created gorgeous gowns for herself and her ladies. The entire event paid homage to everything the couple loved, creating a concert-like experience. “We asked our guests to let loose and dance like they did when they were kids, because that’s when we all had the best moves,” says Amanda, with a laugh. The dance floor was packed all night, and the couple wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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