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Winter Wonderland: A Magical Countryside Wedding

We can't quite put our finger on what makes winter weddings so magnificent. Maybe it's how snow perfectly compliments a bridal gown, or the romantic quality of a crackling fire, or even the natural beauty of an evergreen backdrop. Whatever the mysterious elements that make winter and weddings fit together so flawlessly, we knew the second we laid eyes on Chad and Juliet's big day that it was the ideal choice to feature for the holiday season. Filled with enchanting details, the day's events included a bonfire ceremony with heartfelt letters and music, outdoor portraits against a snowy and majestic landscape, a picturesque horse drawn sleigh ride and a warm celebration with family and friends at a country club reception - festively accented in golds, greens and reds. The evident adoration between the bride and groom positively glowed in the frosty air, immediately putting us in the holiday spirit that we had to share. Wishing you all a safe and merry celebration!   



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