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Going The Distance: A Memorable Wedding In Coleman

Claudia and Lee made it official in a special day that beautifully combined their different cultural backgrounds.
Sherri Hildebrant
Photo by Abbots Lane Photography

Wedding Date: November 15, 2019

Claudia Cabrera and Lee Meyer’s romance stood the challenge of time and distance even before their marriage. The two met in Claudia’s native Venezuela in 2014, when Lee was there working with a baseball team. After that day, “we didn’t stop talking,” Claudia says. “It was as special as we dreamt,” Lee says. A “memory table” added a unique touch: a table set with chairs, place cards, linens and centerpieces for the people Lee and Claudia loved who have passed on. “Our cultural backgrounds are so different,” Claudia says, but both families enjoyed the mix and joyously celebrated the new couple. The conversation continued with Claudia’s move to the U.S. They were in Fresno, California, and about to drive to Lee’s hometown of Pound, Wisconsin, but decided to spend a few days in Carmel. After watching a Packers game, they went for a walk on the beach with their puppy, appropriately named Lambeau, when Lee asked a group of young people to take their photo. In reality, he was confiding that he was about to propose and asking if they would take a video of the magic moment. The ceremony was equally magical, made even more meaningful for Claudia when the musicians sang a song in Spanish that her late grandma sang to her as girl. A highlight at the reception was entertainment by dueling pianos and other instruments.

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