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Nichole and Cody's Country Chic Wedding Day

Everything you could want in a wedding filled with rustic, country charm, Nichole and Cody delivered. Much of the ambiance was of their own doing--cowboy boots for the girls, barn-inspired decor with vintage country touches, and flower centerpieces that look handpicked from an open field. However, some of the splendor, as see in the pictures by Melissa Alderton Photography, simply comes from living in Wisconsin--wide open spaces, an amazingly colored evening sky, and the small town hidden gems dotted throughout the state. If you're looking to add rustic elegance to your event, be prepared to be inspired...

Nichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and CodyNichole and Cody

From the photographer:

Nichole and Cody's wedding was a photographer's dream. They got married in the town of Leopolis--if you blink there's a good chance you'll miss it in it's entirety. Every detail to this wedding was so well thought-out and beautiful! Starting the day out at the quaint church, which was filled to the brim with their loving family and friends. And after the ceremony, Cody surprised Nichole with a horse and carriage to pick them up. (Honestly, guys do those kinds of things!) They are so clearly in love, so photographing them was such a breeze, and we had such an awesome time.

Their reception was held at Nichole's great-grandmothers house, which not only was an incredible property, but they were also the third generation to have their wedding at that house. The "Leopolis Limo" offered hayrides to give guests tours of the property, the buffet that Renard's Country Elegance provided was amazing and all the fresh flowers that filled the tables had such an amazing aroma! And rather than going the DJ route, they had live music, and let me tell you, The Bourbon Cowboys know how to show everyone a good time! It was such an honor to be part of this wedding! 

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