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Green Registries: Wedding Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious Couple

When you're making decisions that involve guiding your friends and family to the gifts you desire to start the next step in your life, you don’t have to settle for the most popular or common registries. These online sites are just as organized as the leading department stores with product imagery, descriptions that include material lists with their origins and online registry accounts with customer service available to answer any questions. Not just for eco-aware couples, all newly engaged can use these registries for quality products, such as durable kitchen sets made from porcelain, glass and stainless steel; linens made with fair trade materials and mattresses made from organic fibers. Plus, if you love wooden décor or overseas themes, there's endless inspiration for worldly gifts and furniture. Consider these five online green registries to find items that you will last longer, have less impact on our planet and improve the welfare of others.

1. Are NaturalsHigh end décor styled after modern trends and sustainable practices. Plus beautifully designed duvet covers and bed sets with desirable color palettes and progressive patterns. 

Are Natural Linens and Textiles

2. Life Without PlasticGreat kitchen accessories, stainless steel appliances,
including a food dehydrator, long lasting food storage options and other plastic-free items for organizing. 

Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Containers


3. The Ultimate Green StoreClean and functional wedding gifts including organic bathroom
linens and responsibly sourced bamboo furniture for the office or living room. 

The Ultimate Green Store Linens and Furniture

4. The Green LifePut this site on your registry list and plan to receive a new
organic mattress as a wedding gift (great idea!). Savvy Rest offers sustainably sourced mattresses, produced in the US, that are made of natural plant based latex, organic cotton.

Green Mattress from Savvy Restg

5. SERRV Fair TradeFor the traveler type, gifts made overseas with fair trade
labor and responsibly sourced materials. You'll find items like textiles, natural tabletop
décor, wood serving sets, yard furniture and home accents. 

Serrv Fair Trade Wine Cooler and Serving Bowls

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist!

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