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Kitchen Registry: Add This, Not That

Whether you’re building a kitchen from scratch or finally getting to upgrade from your single life’s mismatched style, what you register for in the name of cooking is kind of a big deal. The process can be a lot of fun, but with the abundance of options available, it can be a bit daunting, too. What some may think are musts--you know, that fondue pot, the marble rolling pin, the 12-set of margarita glasses--really should be skipped in place of items that you’ll actually use on a regular basis. Not sure what those are? No worries; we’ve got you covered!


Instead of fine China, register for timeless everyday dishware. Unless you plan on having the President or the Royal Family over on a regular occasion, you'll get far more usage out of a beautiful set of clean-lined dishware in colors that won't get dated over time (think the green and gold of the 1970s). A set of quality dishware can be dressed up for dinner parties and the holidays, yet are still practical for morning cereal and heating up cold pizza.


Double up on your flatware, even if it seems like a lot. In the store, one box of flatware will seem like plenty--especially for two newlyweds. However, a set of two will make sure you have plenty for when people come over or for those busy weeks when dishes fall second to more pressing chores.


Serve it up in a different style. While specialty dishes and serving platters are pretty and likely match your dishware perfectly, they aren't always practical when first-time homes are smaller in size. Instead of using up valuable cupboard space on platters with little practicality, pick out pretty mixing bowls that can double as family-style dishes. Nesting bowls will save on space while also being dual purpose during cooking and entertaining.


Mix up your mixing needs. Kitchen gadgets are fun, so something like the immersion blender might catch your eye. You might even think that thanks to its slim design, it'll be a great tool without taking up much space. However, the KitchenAid standing mixer, while bigger in size and higher in price, is likely a better choice. The downside is that it has a bigger countertop footprint, but it's an iconic kitchen piece and has a wide array of attachment options that switch up the functionality, making it very versatile. 


Build a better breakfast. We love waffles; all those built-in syrup holding pockets are simply perfect for any Sunday morning. But the sunnyside is over when you consider the cabinet space required to house an appliance you'll likely only use once in a while--even less than the once a week you're thinking. Instead of thinking fancy brunch and breakfasts are only possible when eating out, register for a reversible grill pan/griddle. On one side, you can fry up bacon while the flips side is right for palate-pleasing pancakes. Bonus? The grill pan/griddle is great for all meals--salmon, veggies, burgers, and more!


Heat your meat in a more efficient manner. Unless you're living and cooking in the great outdoors more than you are under your own roof, skip the portable grill and request a roasting pan instead. Portable grills are fun when tailgating and camping, but you'll get more meals out of a roasting pan than you will an outdoor cooking companion. And really, if you're truly outdoorsy, you're probably cooking over an open fire anyway.


Good knives are a better way to slice it. Mandolins are a sleek way to make fine cuts, but you'll more likely reach for a knife more often than you will a mandolin. Register for a good set of knives. Yes, they may be pricey, but if you give them proper care, they're sure to last you for decades. Practice and perfect your knife skills, and you won't even have a need for a mandolin. 

If you have mad kitchen skills, special gadgets might make sense on your registry. However, if your cupboards are bare, it's best to start with a strong set of basics and build up with other items as you need them.

What kitchen items are on your registy? Share with us in the comments!

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