Top 5 Instagram Faves of the Week, 03.17.17

While the little details are perhaps the least important part of the wedding, they often add more meaning than you could imagine. We're swooning over these lush green photos on Instagram that add a hint of spring to the big day.

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Installation goals. If you follow closely you'll know by now that I have a small obsession with hanging things for events. There is a good chance I've suggested the possibility of hanging something somewhere somehow someway for your event. I often think sometimes people get caught up in thinking they "have to" do things a certain way. For example if your working within a budget (lets face it, we all have budgets) for the wedding and you have thirty guest tables to dream up centerpieces for... that budget is going to get stretched! Instead, consider making one large statement piece for the whole room vs thirty small peices. I'm in LOVE with this hanging installation above this table and I think you'll agree that nobody would care if there was nothing on the tables if they had something that intentional and beautiful to look up at. Photo courtesy of @luisabrimble . Sent via @planoly #planoly . . . . . ##idreaminflowers #hangingflowersarebetter #wisconsinflorist #wisconsinwedding #wisconsinbride #greenbaybride #greenbaywedding #greenbayflorist #eventstyling #greenbayeventstyling #wisconsinrentaldecor #wisconsinweddingdecor #wisconsinrentals #cottonbranches #mismatchedchairs #weddingideas #greenbayflorist #greenbaywedding #greenbaybride

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