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Abbie & Bryan: Glamorous Wedding at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center

Even though she’s at a vertical disadvantage, Abbie Mumpower holds her own with her new husband, Green Bay Packers lineman Bryan Bulaga. While he could have towered over her on their wedding day, she stood up to the challenge of marrying a 6-foot, 6-inch pro football player by slipping into an exquisite pair of four-inch heels that she didn’t kick off until the end of the night. Abbie and Bryan have managed to see eye-to-eye since meeting in college, where she ran track and he played football. And even though he went on to win a Super Bowl his first year in the NFL, Abbie says, “he’s still the same Bryan I met freshman year.” While the playing field may have changed, the two wanted to celebrate their enduring love with a classic, timeless wedding. Looking back, Abbie says that she and her groom tackled that task on a day that was “perfectly flawless.”


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