Ensure an Enjoyable Experience for Your Wedding Guests

Written by
Megan McCarty Julie Warner

Q. I’m planning an outdoor wedding, but I want my guests to remember the beauty of the setting, not the inconveniences. What can I do to ensure an enjoyable experience?
A. To keep the spotlight on your big day no matter what Mother Nature has in mind, consider offering your guests a few items to make sure they’re comfortable.

Allison Kline of sash&bow, which plans weddings in Green Bay and Door County, creates “comfort tables” for outdoor events. For a tented affair, she suggests setting out bottled water and bug-repellent wipes. If the ceremony will be held in direct sunlight, add sunscreen or better still, paper parasols to keep guests cool and shaded. 

Flip-flops are a must if the ceremony will be held on a lawn. People like having the option of slip-on shoes, because uncomfortable shoes can be the worst part of a long night, Kline says. She also suggests high-heel covers (try thesolemates.com) to prevent shoes from sinking into the grass.

Whether at an indoor or outdoor ceremony, the ultimate comfort for parents, Kline says, is help watching the children during the reception. “Some type of a child-care service is a comfort table in and of itself.” She often creates a children’s room, complete with nannies, across from the reception so parents can enjoy the night worry-free.

Don’t forget to set out some aspirin or other pain reliever to soothe sore feet and make for a happier morning to follow.


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