A Letter from our Editor, Megan White

Express Yourself
Written by
Megan White


Wisconsin Bride Fall/Winter 2023

Congrats! We’re so glad you’re joining us here to find your inspiration in these vibrant and lively pages. This is truly an incredible time to be engaged, with so many different wedding day options awaiting you. Bold and bright, unconventional and whimsical, or classic and chic—this issue is brimming with it all. And lucky for you, the old standard of seasonality is no longer applicable—all that matters is what you want!

At Wisconsin Bride, our goal is simply to inspire—everyone, regardless of who you love, where you’re from or what you look like. The photo shoots and weddings in this issue are just a tiny sample of the eye-catching locations and out-of-this-world originality that this wonderful state has to offer, and just a small glimpse into its diverse and powerful wedding community—and that includes the wedding professionals, of course, and you, the newly engaged couple.

And, when the time comes, we encourage you to share your wedding with us as well. Much of the stunning imagery on our pages comes from real people with real stories, just like you. While we wish we had room to share more of them, we do appreciate every single one that we receive. Will yours be the next real wedding we feature, or maybe even win next year’s award for Editor’s Pick for Best Dressed?

Speaking of awards, drumroll please: the winners of The Best of 2023 are here! Check out the list and get a head start on creating your own vendor team with this tried-and-true roster of wedding professionals, businesses and creatives who have been voted the top of the industry. And finally, while I love all of the shoots we work on, I have to admit that I’m feeling a little more emotionally invested in one in this issue. Be sure to read all about the surprise ending to “An Air of Debonair” shoot on page 40!  Cheers to you, and to creating a wedding day that is unapologetically, authentically you!

Megan L. White